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The Department of Languages is especially planned for the college-prep student in mind.  Other students, however, may participate if they have a particular interest in this area. Students in the language classes work toward gaining skills in speaking, reading, and writing the language as well as learning about the countries using the language. Spanish and German are offered.

 Please Note: Not all courses are offered every year. Course offerings are based on student interest 

LANG. 711: German I

Credits: 1

Level: Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior

This course is designed to introduce students to the German language and the culture of German speaking countries through reading writing, listening and speaking. Students will be able to engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, exchange opinions, discuss likes and dislikes, provide descriptions of people, places and activities—all in the target language.


Lang. 712: Spanish I

Credits: 1

Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior

Spanish I Students develop the ability to communicate about themselves and their immediate environment using simple sentences containing basic language structures. This communication is evidenced in all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - with emphasis on the ability to communicate orally and in writing. Students begin to explore and study the themes of Personal and Family Life, School Life, Social Life, and Community Life.


LANG. 721: German II

Credits: 1

Level: Sophomore, Junior or Senior.

Prerequisite: German I, (Grade of C or better strongly recommended)

During the second level of study, students will be able to communicate in the language on a variety of topics such as: expressing obligations, offering help, giving directions, discussing the weather, going shopping, sightseeing, eating out, leisure time activities, celebrating various occasions and talking about past activities. A comprehensive review of all grammar rules and concepts will be addressed.


LANG. 722: Spanish II

Credits: 1

Level: Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Prerequisite: Spanish I. (Grade of C or better strongly recommended)

Spanish II continues the introduction of the grammatical structure in an attempt to give the student a basic understanding of and ability to use the language. Besides the emphasis on language skills, the course continues to provide an understanding of the civilization, culture, and customs of Spanish-speaking people. Students learn to use more complex sentences and language structures. They read material on familiar topics and produce short writing samples. Students continue to explore as they study the themes of Home Life, Student Life, Spanish Art, Leisure Time, and Vacation and Travel.


LANG. 731: German III

Credits: 1

Level: Junior or Senior

Prerequisite: German II. (Grade of C or better)

This course is designed to continue and further develop communication skills on a variety of topics such as: biographical sketches of German students, reading signs, discussing travel and transportation, camping and vacationing, customs, traditions and geography, as well as art, music, literature and history associated with German speaking countries will covered.


LANG. 732: Spanish III

Credits: 1

Level: Junior or Senior

Prerequisite: Spanish II. (Grade of C or better strongly recommended)

Spanish III furthers the knowledge of students' language skills through review of the fundamentals of Spanish structure, and by emphasizing oral reading comprehension and self-expression in speaking and writing. The course also expands students' understanding of the civilization, culture, and customs of Spanish-speaking people. Students communicate using more complex language structures on a variety of topics, moving from concrete to more abstract concepts. At this level, students comprehend the main ideas of the authentic materials that they read and hear and are able to identify significant details when the topics are familiar. Students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them while studying Future Plans and Choices, Teen Culture, Environment, and Humanities.


LANG. 741: German IV

Credits: 1

Level: Senior

Prerequisite: German III. (Grade of C/B or better)

During the course of this class, students will learn to describe and sequence daily routines and events, describe past events, write letters, explain problems, make a complaint, identify and discuss occupations, describe ailments, discuss doctor visits, future plans, driving and related topics, describe surroundings, express environmental concerns and explore famous landmarks and people. A comprehensive review of all grammar rules and concepts of this and all previous years will be covered.


LANG. 742: Spanish IV

Credits: 1

Level: Senior

Prerequisite: Spanish III. Grade of C or better strongly recommended.

A continuation of Spanish III, this course emphasizes the fundamentals of Spanish structure in written and oral communication. Readings give students a panoramic view of the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking people. Students are able to create and listen with understanding to reports and presentations. They are also able to describe, summarize and discuss selected themes and topics.